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Creation As A Cause

A quote from the musical Rent states something like, “The opposite of war isn’t peace. It’s creation.” So here I am speaking about creating things. As a machinist, I actually make things everyday, and as an author I have created a book, more to follow hopefully. None of this do I feel actually balances myContinue reading “Creation As A Cause”

A Little Jazz

 The two enemy spaceships danced about their deadly game, spitting their destructive energies and striking out with claws of precision steel as they spun about each other. Suddenly one of the tiny evil children of its parent found a weakness in its prey, and the unfortunate Eastern Alliance ship Bahamut broke apart in a silentContinue reading “A Little Jazz”

The Power Of God

Let us take one journey, and again I am no Biblical scholar, merely a questor for knowledge. I accept two suppositions about God our Father. One God is infinite and two God is Perfect. in·fi·nite ˈinfənət/adjective 1. limitless or endless in space, extent, or size; impossible to measure or calculate. “the infinite mercy of God”Continue reading “The Power Of God”

Happy Friday

The week hasn’t been very productive and my current working story is going a little left. Working through these issues can be daunting, but writing goes on. Just as this isn’t the post I meant for today, that one wont come out of my brain, but still I write. Tonight is a gaming night, myContinue reading “Happy Friday”

Oh Hell

My thoughts on a topic that most people seem to want to avoid, Hell, you know, fire and brimstone, red skinned devils with pitchforks flaying the poor souls that have defied a vengeful god.  There are several words used in the Bible that have been translated to “Hell”. Hades is the god of the GreekContinue reading “Oh Hell”


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