Antares Rising is the first of a four part series.

Work in Progress

Antares Odyssey
The Trinidad flies to arrange for the needed work on the Antares as forces begin the hunt for the unwary crew.
Book 2

Antares 3
As Alan and his crew try to collect the families for the demonstration, the Antares shakedown leads them into battle.
Book 3

Antares 4
The final conflict with the combined fleets of the opposing sides pushes both crews to their ultimate.
Book 4

When Benton Hightower’s fifteenth festival is interrupted by an outworlders crash, it sends the young psionic and his companions on a quest to rescue the outworlder child that could doom them all.

Lost Eagle (formerly Deadly Circumstances)
When the test flight of the SR1 Eagle goes wrong, Carter Tung finds himself in unknown space surrounded by strange beings that consider him the alien.
Second prize Co-winner Windycon 14 1987

The War
Yeleen Ashtig, agent of the patrol, races to discover the cause of the recent conflict before it erupts into systems wide war.

The crew and passengers of the Gemini struggle to discover what occurred after their accident at Highport Station.

Emil and his staff try to keep both sides from war as the Earth burns beneath them. The decisions before Emil could be the difference between a future for mankind and extinction.

Characters/Short stories

Royce Asher
Captain of the Antares

Gunboat Diplomacy

Alan Pierce
Captain of the Trinidad

Pronounced Chaos Bee

A witness for death

Copilot of the Trinidad

Natural Selection

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