I Don’t Want To Be Famous

Tom Smith wrote a song called “I want my music on Napster.”, back when Napster was a file sharing service Tom is a Filk singer with several compellations to his name. Filk is a genre of music attached to the SF&F community. I have been told the word came from a misprint of the word Folk in a con book. Any mistake worth making is worth utilizing.

This song has the line, “I don’t want to be famous, I want to be know.” and this is exactly how I have always felt about my stories. I don’t seek fame or fortune, I just wish for readers. Sure the money would have a use, but there are few authors that actually make money.

The reason that I write is to tell my stories, and try to reach an audience that enjoys them as well. Perhaps to inspire another to tell their story as well.

Published by David McGillem

David, only son, but third child of Robert and Barbara McGillem, lives as a simple Methodist in Indianapolis Indiana. A long time fan of classic Science Fiction, David has attended conventions throughout the states around Indiana. Proud father of four, that all have some stories to tell, his family has always come first. David has studied geology, architectural drafting, truck driving, has a degree in PC troubleshooting, and currently works as a CNC Machinist. David has been a writer all his life, first forming stories for his friends to put on in the backyard and onto many hours of tabletop RPGs. David lives with his two biggest supporters, Cynthia and Nichole, in a small Victorian house on the near southside spending time roleplaying and upkeeping the house.

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