Godzilla Is SciFi

I’ve got flaws, God knows, and I am sure that many things I do irritate the polite people around me. I am a world class procrastinator, I can admit it. I do have some things that set me on edge; using decimation to mean destroy instead of take out just ten percent, thinking that a decade begins on a 0 year instead of a 1, or using SciFi (pronounced skifee.) for all science fiction.

Science Fiction has grades, like coffee, From SF thru Science fantasy and Space opera all the way down to SciFi. Maybe there is a lower grade but, in my opinion, that is the low grade SF, and I am a big fan of Kaiju movies in general. I am no SMOF (Secret Master of Fandom,) but I started going to conventions in 1980 at Inconjunction 1. I have been absent from most of fandom for many years, but always remember my early years when SF was the normal term for the general genre.

I blame the SyFy channel for making Scifi a mainstream term, and do feel it dilutes the genre to some degree. Not that I think everyone needs to agree with me on this, I just cringe when SciFi is the default term. Science Fiction is a broad genre, there is room for Hard SF as well as Fantasy SF. I just want my Space Opera not to be called Skifee.

Also, there was no year zero in the current calendar system so, if the first Millennium began in 1AD, the third had to begin in 2001, just saying.

Published by David McGillem

David, only son, but third child of Robert and Barbara McGillem, lives as a simple Methodist in Indianapolis Indiana. A long time fan of classic Science Fiction, David has attended conventions throughout the states around Indiana. Proud father of four, that all have some stories to tell, his family has always come first. David has studied geology, architectural drafting, truck driving, has a degree in PC troubleshooting, and currently works as a CNC Machinist. David has been a writer all his life, first forming stories for his friends to put on in the backyard and onto many hours of tabletop RPGs. David lives with his two biggest supporters, Cynthia and Nichole, in a small Victorian house on the near southside spending time roleplaying and upkeeping the house.

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