And So It Begins

Lucky for me I don’t consider myself a web designer, or I would demand my money back for this site. It’s not gonna win any awards, but it will be something I can tinker with when the words of my story don’t move along. Which I am good at I tell you. Finding distractions is a talent I have to a fine degree. So as far as advice goes I say.

Don’t force it, if writing has to be forced at that moment, maybe it isn’t time. Some “Pros” in the field say you need to write 8 hours a day to succeed, and maybe that’s true. I would say though that by my standards of the deal. I am a success. I finished my story I can hold a copy in my hand, and others have read and enjoyed it. I don’t need the money, don’t get me wrong I could use the money, and holding that first royalty check felt good. It didn’t break the bank, but I am a paid Author.

The only truth I have really hear about how to learn to write, is to write, write, and write some more. I have a satchel full of notebooks with story notes written in them. Steno pads of stories, most of which are utter trash, but I have them. The first full story I remember was in grade school, undoubtedly around 1977, about a space war in which the all the starships were in the shapes of different dog breeds.

That one I have no idea where it went, but I would love to be able to read it again. So as I have told my children and have been told myself, if you have a story to tell, write it don’t stop and don’t let some one else tell you to.

Published by David McGillem

David, only son, but third child of Robert and Barbara McGillem, lives as a simple Methodist in Indianapolis Indiana. A long time fan of classic Science Fiction, David has attended conventions throughout the states around Indiana. Proud father of four, that all have some stories to tell, his family has always come first. David has studied geology, architectural drafting, truck driving, has a degree in PC troubleshooting, and currently works as a CNC Machinist. David has been a writer all his life, first forming stories for his friends to put on in the backyard and onto many hours of tabletop RPGs. David lives with his two biggest supporters, Cynthia and Nichole, in a small Victorian house on the near southside spending time roleplaying and upkeeping the house.

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